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iScala - ERP II system

The Epicor iScala system is a complete, integrated solution designed for small and medium enterprises in various industries such as :
⚫ distribution
⚫ trade
⚫ manufacturing
⚫ services

The Epicor's experience and innovation makes the system anticipate the business models of the global leaders in their respective sectors. This makes iScala implementation a competitive advantage for a company.

The software can grow with your business as it allows you to easily add other branches and locations in Poland and abroad.

With UNICODE support, the users can simultaneously enter and print the documents in any language such as English, Russian, Arabic and Chinese.

iScala enables you to customize the data entry , search functions, business document templates and reports.

Integration module allows:
⚫ the modeling and business process flow automation and
⚫ the connectivity with the external and internal computer systems.
It makes possible to significantly reduce the costs and shorten the operations time.

iScala - Finance

iScala enables an enterprise to implement clear financial management rules from the group level, through organizational units and departments to the individual business processes. The system is compliant with the law regulations in Poland and the International Accounting Standards.
The main iScala features in this area :
⚫ General Ledger based on the multidimensional chart of accounts.
⚫ The dimensions can be customized. E.g. Cost Centre, Product, Contract, etc..
⚫ Multi currency.
⚫ Consolidation.
⚫ Controlling.
⚫ Budgeting.
⚫ Planning and Forecasting.
⚫ Cashflow.
⚫ Settlements with the contractors. Payables and Receivables. The realized and unrealized foreign exchange differences revaluation.
⚫ Payment delays management: the payment reminders, the interest calculation and invoicing.
⚫ Fixed assets.
⚫ Petty Cash.
⚫ Promissory Notes management.
⚫ Accruals.
⚫ Automatic accounting schedules.
⚫ The documents approval through the journals.
⚫ Banking interfaces. Including SEPA.
⚫ EDI - electronic data interchange with other systems.

iScala - Supply Chain Management

iScala products for Supply Chain Management (SCM) can handle almost all the manufacturing and distribution environments: from the complex engineering-to-order ones to the serial production, from the local warehouse located in one building to the multi-warehouse plants where the quality control is used. Both the simplest and the most complex environments share one common feature: the need to cooperate with the partners in the supply chain. The iScala SCM implementation result is an improvement of a customer satisfaction, better relationships with the suppliers and the transaction costs reduced.
The main iScala features in this area :
⚫ The full sales process for the wholesalers and the retailers.
⚫ Handling products and services for various market sectors : machinery, food and pharma, media, HoReCa.
⚫ Complex products. Multi-level Bill of Material (BOM).
⚫ Material management, quality control.
⚫ High storage warehouses.
⚫ Demand analysis. Procurement optimization. MRP loop.
⚫ The full purchase process including the services and the goods shipment.
⚫ Support for serial numbers, vendor and customer warranty dates.
⚫ Handling batches and expiry dates. FEFO.
⚫ EDI - electronic data interchange with other systems.

iScala - Service Management

This module supports the widely understood service management processes and provision of all kinds of the services: informative, advisory, workshop and field. It allows you to effectively assign the tasks to the staff, monitor the use of critical resources, organize the flow of material and spare parts in the dynamic environment of today's Service Departments. The installation base and the full incident history at the serial number level allow you to quickly identify which work must be done under the warranty. The integration with the service contract management module facilitates planning of the ongoing work and the periodic inspections.
The main iScala features in this area :
⚫ Service requests registration.
⚫ The full history of the incidents, diagnostic works and repairs.
⚫ The installation base management. Support for serial numbers, vendor and customer warranty dates.
⚫ Graphical staff and resources scheduling.
⚫ Tracking the service order status from the incident report to the invoicing.
⚫ The warranty repairs and work done for other departments.
⚫ Support for the estimated time of callback (ETC), arrival (ETA), resolution (ETR).
⚫ Automatic generation of the service orders for periodic inspections.
⚫ Budgeting.
⚫ Tracking the revenue and direct / indirect costs at any level.

iScala - Contract Management

Nowadays the companies increasingly focus on their core business, so that they must integrate themselves into the complex supply chains. This creates a need to base the cooperation with the customers and suppliers on formal contracts which reduce the risk and enable the accurate assessment of the deviations from agreed conditions. However, the contract conclusion does not guarantee that all the employees would comply with its provisions in a consistent way. The Contract Management module allows you to record the contract details and seamlessly integrate them into the every day tasks of the staff involved in the execution.
The main iScala features in this area :
⚫ The support for various types of the contracts: sales, purchase, service, leasing, complex.
⚫ The registration of the contract period, price changes, delivery methods and invoicing.
⚫ The one-time agreements, concluded usually for a specified period and manually renewed.
⚫ The contracts renewed automatically for further periods unless terminated.
⚫ The reference contracts, used when complex invoicing rules apply.

iScala - Project Management

The module supports the management of both small projects with several activities and the multi-phase, multi-year projects as well. It allows you to effectively plan, track the progress, and invoice both the individual activities and the whole projects for external customers and / or your own departments.
The main iScala features in this area :
⚫ The project structure can be defined at 4 levels.
⚫ Project budget built "from bottom to top" or "from top to bottom".
⚫ The scheduling of the time of the internal or external human resources as well as other resources such as machinery.
⚫ Material activities handling. I.e. the purchases and releases from the stock.
⚫ Cost activities handling. E.g. the invoices from subcontractors, duty travels, etc.
⚫ Work progress tracking, the registration of the task approvals.
⚫ The billing can be based on various scenarios. E.g. for completing the task, for reaching the milestone, proportionally, etc.
⚫ The automatic posting schemes of work in progress, deferred income and deferred costs.

iScala - Manufacturing

An iScala manufacturing process control (MPC) module is based on the MRP II standard. It supports the discrete and process production models such as:
⚫ batch
⚫ make-to-stock
⚫ make-to-order
⚫ assemble-to order
⚫ engineer-to-order

It is implemented in the following industries:
⚫ Machinery and Electrotechnics
⚫ Manufacturing of plastic
⚫ Food
⚫ Pharma
⚫ Chemical

The production processes are handled in accordance to the "just-in-time" principle. The quality control functions comply with ISO 9000 and other quality systems' requirements.
The main iScala features in this area :
⚫ Multilevel BOM (material structure, recipe), phantoms, optional items, accessories.
⚫ Routings. Alternative routings.
⚫ The own and subcontractors work centres . Tools.
⚫ The product cost calculation both by the standard price and the actual price method.
⚫ Master production plan and scheduling.
⚫ Materials Requirements Planning (MRP).
⚫ Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP).
⚫ Both the work orders and / or the batch queues processing .
⚫ Shop Floor Control (SFC).
⚫ Available to Promise (ATP).
⚫ Handling batches and expiry dates. FEFO.
⚫ The automatic posting schemes for work in progress and production settlement.

iScala - Human Resources & Payroll

The fully localized module which meets the Polish regulations' requirements. It provides also some HR management functionality.
The main iScala features in this area:
⚫ The employee master file with the full history of changes.
⚫ The virtually unlimited number of the programmable wage types.
⚫ 999 payroll calculation models. E.g. for the full time and temporary employees, the contractors, board members, etc.
⚫ The interface to the Platnik application provided by ZUS (Polish Social Security Institution).
⚫ Personal income tax declaration (PIT) printing.

CRM - Customer Relationship Management)

We offer the CRM2iScala interface, which integrates the popular CRM applications with iScala.
E.g. the solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides the following features:
⚫ The customer master data synchronization between CRM and iScala Sales Ledger.
⚫ The customer payments transfer from iScala to CRM.
⚫ The Product master data synchronization between CRM and iScala.
⚫ The sales order transfer from CRM to iScala.
⚫ The service order transfer from CRM to iScala.
⚫ The sales invoice transfer from CRM to iScala.
⚫ The sales statistics synchronization between CRM and iScala.
⚫ The supplier master data synchronization between CRM and iScala Sales Ledger.

iScala - MS-Office Integration

iScala as a system based on MS-SQL database engine naturally integrates with MS-Office applications.
Business data can be automatically:
⚫ exported from iScala to MS-Office applications.
⚫ imported from MS-Office applications to iScala.

iScala - WEB

Epicor ICE (Internet Component Environment) platform integrates iScala with Web portals. The iScala data can be presented in dashboards, searched by Business Activity Queries (BAQs).

iScala - EAI

In the Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) area we offer the out-of-the-box interfaces which connect iScala to other systems. We help to integrate the software, data and non-typical processes.
More details HERE.

iScala - EDI

The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) plays an increasing role in today's businesses.
We offer the out-of-the-box solutions to exchange the electronic documents via public platforms (eg Comarch ECOD) or dedicated web services, ftp or email.
More details HERE.

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